Gas Safety Checks

As a Gas Safe registered company, we provide gas safety checks for businesses across the South West. Ensuring that your gas appliances and boilers are safely installed and professionally maintained is vital for the safety of your staff and customers. Not to mention, it is a legal obligation to ensure these systems are installed and signed-off by a professional. If you have appliances that are powered using the mains gas supply, such as industrial cookers, or a gas-fired boiler, then this applies to you. So, call the team at G R Mechanical Services Ltd to request installation or sign-off from our Gas Safe engineers today.

Gas Safe Registered

As a ‘gas safe registered’ company, we have gas safe qualified engineers on the team. The Gas Safe Register is the only governing body for gas services in the UK. Therefore, this is the only credential you need to look out for! Well, look no further! We have the seal of approval and the relevant skilled staff members at your disposal.

Our Gas Services

Our gas services include installing, repairing and replacing gas boilers, as well as connecting gas appliances. Once gas powered systems and equipment have been fitted, they must then go through rigorous checks to ensure they are safe to use.

What is covered in gas safety checks?

Signs Your Gas Appliances Are Faulty

If your appliances do not work correctly, or your boiler produces a weak yellow flame instead of a strong blue one, then a service should be carried out as soon as possible. Other signs your gas appliances are faulty may be browning or clear burn marks on or around the equipment. Finally, if you smell gas, call National Gas Emergencies on 0800 111 999 immediately. Switch off the mains gas supply, ventilate the building, do not smoke or create a flame and leave the property until you are told it is safe to return.

Contact G R Mechanical Services Ltd

Arrange gas safety checks by a Gas Safe Registered engineer in Plymouth or anywhere in Devon and Cornwall. G R Mechanical Services Ltd have all the credentials and experience required to ensure your gas boilers and appliances are safe and functioning soundly.
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